Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2006

1. Spiritual Condition

A joyful occasion in the Spiritual life of the Floyd Friends Meeting this past year was the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the completion of the Meeting House. Guests from Maury River, Blacksburg, and Roanoke Meetings and others who helped with the building work were invited to join us for Meeting for Worship and lunch on 17 September. We’ve begun compiling a notebook of informational material about the Floyd Friends’ Meeting policies, philosophies, and activities which pertain to our particular Meeting. We also have updated our “Getting to know us better” brochure which we give to people who are interested in our Quaker practice and to welcome people who wish to worship with us.

We’ve developed a program of spiritual listening (in other faith practices this is known as spiritual direction or nurture.) Two children of members, who attend First Day School, became associate members. We regularly have good attendance at Meeting for Worship by both members and attenders. One of our members expressed a profound sense of nurturing supportiveness by the community of Floyd Friends when she had heart surgery and through the long period of her recovery. In December, we celebrated a healthy and prosperous year as a Friends community in Floyd with a Christmas gathering for dinner and singing at the home of Wil and Mary Stratton.

2. Meetings for Business

We have our Meeting for Business on the first Sunday of each month with a shared meal after Meeting for Worship and before Meeting for Business. Attendance at Meeting for Business has been good with an average of 7 people each month and the Meeting has been intent on being good stewards of our financial resources and obligations. We ended the year with a slightly higher financial balance than from the previous year with all bills paid and in some instances not having spent the limit of the budgeted amount. Care and maintenance of the building and grounds was shared by members and attenders of the Meeting.

3. Religious Education

We continue to develop our First Day School curriculum and have a group of members who share the teaching on a rotating basis. Generally the two associate member children attend the First Day School, but occasionally through the year we’ve had other children in attendance. We continue to have a strong Adult Study group which meets monthly on a Wednesday evening with a shared supper before each session. During the past year our study curriculum included Quakerism 101; Bible study of Romans and Paul & The Letter to the Galatians; and the Pendle Hill pamphlet, “Quaker Social Testimony in Our Personal & Corporate Life,” by Jonathan Dale.

4. Peace and Social Concerns

This year we sponsored a series of three movie nights which were held at the Floyd Jessie Peterman Library. The movies were “Bowling for Columbine,” “Black Diamond,” and “Earth and the American Dream.” The movies did not generate a large attendance of people from the community, but discussion after the showing of the movies was thoughtful and energetic. We plan to continue this program in the future. Our year end contributions went to The New River Valley Community Center Emergency Fund and AFSC Crisis in Gaza Fund. Whenever we have a shared meal at the Meeting House, we are encouraged also to bring a nonperishable food item for the local food bank.

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